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College success isn't realized until our students thrive as independent college graduates. That means that, not only do they have to learn a lot, grow a lot, and graduate from college, they must graduate with the financial freedom necessary to pursue whoever they have become. This presentation refocuses the college planning process on the real outcome we all want for our students and lays out how we can ensure that our students accomplish this goal in their college search.
Presented by: Mark Salisbury of TuitionFit
FAFSA Completion Graduation Requirement
The Illinois State Board of Education has added completion of the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) as a graduation requirement.  However, if students choose to opt out of completing the FAFSA, they must complete the FAFSA Non-Completion Form from the Illinois State Board of Education and return it to Rock Island High School. The form is available below. 
Early Graduation Application
Students who are entering their senior year with at least 18.5 credits, and in line to meet all graduation requirements, are able to apply for Early Graduation.  The application - with details about this option - is available below.
Helpful College Advising Tips from College Board: