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Principal's Message

Hello Rock Island High School Community!


Our focus and mission is clear; build respectful relationships. Respectful relationships are the bedrock and cornerstone for inspiring individual and collective success. Henceforth, it is my goal to engage all stakeholders in the shaping of our school's vision of students' academic success and healthy social development by forming respectful relationships. Through relationships, our Building Leadership Team, instructional leaders, teachers, instructional support staff, and students communicate the wonderful things occurring at Rocky on a daily basis. We are also charged with increasing student achievement to ensure all students college and career ready. Given this charge, we are well on our way to moving our school into a new era of student success as indicated by our student attendance hovering around 94% and the substantial decline in office disciplinary referrals, which are causes for immediate celebration.


Eric MooreSo how do we maintain our momentum ensuring all students are academically successful and developmentally healthy? Last year our visioning team outline and prescribed a 4-A Plan to drive the necessary work of transforming student performance and instructional effectiveness building-wide: 1. All students have access to relevant and rigorous instruction. 2. All stakeholders are accountable for ensuring students have access to relevant and rigorous instruction. 3. All students will achieve expected course outcomes. 4. All faculty and staff will actively supervise students to ensure a caring learning environment. Access + Accountability + Achievement + Active Supervision = College and Career Ready Students.


To illustrate our momentum towards the academic and developmental success of all of our students, several notable events have occurred since last year and are being perpetuated this year. Four students from our Entrepreneurship - course pitched the L.E.A.D. Project (their conceptualization of youth leadership development for students in elementary schools) winning 1st place in a national competition. Our graduation rate of 83.5% is close to the State's graduation rate of 86%. Our 2017 graduates received over $5 million dollars in academic and athletic scholarships. Our varsity Girls Basketball Team competed all the way to the state playoffs last year. Teachers Jessica Matherly and Amanda Puebla are coordinating efforts to create a resource center to provide some bare necessities for our economically disadvantaged students. The aforementioned are only a few of the many great things occurring at Rocky; yet, are highlights that standout in everyone's mind.


Building our community through the power of relationships and education is the predominant objective for supporting our students to becoming college and career ready. And most of all, we are R.O.C.K.S.: We are Responsible. We are Observant. We are Creative. We are Knowledgeable. We are Successful. Therefore, let's work to build respectful relationships to create a caring learning environment for all students by way of instructional effectiveness.


In partnership for student success,


Eric D. Moore,

Committed Educator for Student Success and Principal Learner