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RIHS Event Conduct

RIHS Stadium Event Conduct Guidelines

Beginning September 7, 2010, Rock Island High School will be implementing Stadium Event Conduct Guidelines for all events that occur at the stadium.

  • Students (pre-school through 8th grade) not accompanied by a parent or guardian will not be admitted into the event.
  • Student ages pre-school through 8th grade will remain with the parent/guardian for the duration of the event (unless briefly visiting the restrooms or concessions area).
  • Students may not congregate on the stairwell, grassy area, sidewalks, tunnel, or concessions.
  • High school students will remain in the designated student sections unless briefly visiting the restrooms or concessions area.
  • Students who throw food, drink, or other items in the stands or any other section of the stadium will be escorted from the stadium and will not be allowed to reenter. Rock Island-Milan School District students face additional consequences based on their actions and School District Discipline Code.
  • Students who leave the stadium are not allowed to return to the event. Any student who leaves the event must also leave the high school grounds.
  • No one will be allowed on the field or track adjacent to the football field during football games except for those authorized by the Athletic Director.
  • Balls, backpacks, and/or drinks may not be brought into the stadium.
  • Anyone who appears to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be allowed to enter an event.
  • Anyone who appears under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be escorted out of the stadium and face appropriate school and civil consequences.

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