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Theater Arts Students Earned Induction Into The International Thespian Society

Our school's most dedicated theater arts students have earned induction into the International Thespian Society (ITS), the honor society for secondary school theater students!
Student members include: Kieran Benson, Sera Calhoun, Kalangilo Davis, JaMeiah Davis, Niesha Elsey, Gabrielle Hoeper (Honor Thespian), Nick Johnson, Abby Krug, Ava Miller, Zach Mlekush (Honor Thespian), Charles Murphy, Larissa Pothoven, Hannah Rettig, Kameron Roberts, Elena Vallejo, Jada Veasey, Gwendalyn Waggoner, Ethan Wiley, and Zoe Yates.
The honor was announced by the ITS on October 5. Each Thespian inductee has completed over 100 hours of work in theatre arts and related disciplines. Honor Thespians completed over 600 hours of work. The Rock Island High School inductees now join the ranks of over 2.3 million Thespians and Thespian alumni, including Jane Lynch, John Goodman and Julia Louis-Dreyfus.
Let's send our congratulations to our theater director, Ms. Dori Foster and all theater students under her tutelage! Source: International Thespian Society