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RIHS Student Leadership Summit Gives Students a Voice

On Friday, Nov. 19, Rock Island High School hosted the Student Leadership Summit. 
Put together by RIHS teachers, Dr. Yolanda Grandberry Pugh and Kelly young, the summit was held in the high school's library. The diverse group of participants in the summit were members from all of Rocky's clubs/organizations and were a true representation of Rocky. Each club/organization was asked to send 2 representatives to the summit, so there were 44 students in attendance. 
Students got to learn about leadership through different presentations and students were able to share their concerns about their educational experience. Students also had the opportunity to share their ideas on how things could be improved. 
Superintendent Dr. Lawrence and Principal Mr. Whittake attended the summit and had an open dialogue with students. Other teachers, administrators, and counselors stopped by throughout the day to listen to the students. 
The summit created a positive, safe space that allowed staff and students to engage in conversations and hear the students' voices. 
The school plans to host another summit in the spring.