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Austin Academic Achievement Awards and Scholarship Night

On Thursday, May 16, the Rock Island-Milan Education Foundation celebrated the 39th Rock Island-Milan Austin Academic Award and Scholarship night. This special evening honored 74 top ten students and awarded 64 scholarships totaling $83,200.

Over 500 Students, parents, care-givers, family and friends shared the evening that celebrated academics, hard work, and character.

Two new scholarships were given out this year.

Class of 1963 “First in the Family” Scholarship – awards a student who is the first in their family to attend any type of school post high school graduation. The student also demonstrates determination and hard work by showing continued academic improvement from freshman to senior year. $1,000 award.

Grant W. and Virginia M. Brissman Scholarship – awards a student who is a resident of the Village of Milan. The preferred student is also pursuing a career as a CNA, in Nursing, or in Trades (includes welding, automotive, etc.) Preference is also given to students with a GPA of 2.5-3.0. $4,000 award


Top Ten Recognitions

Freshman: Freshmen: Emily Allison, Hamidullah Barikzay, Abraham Blanco, Elian Blanco, Charlotte Boyer, Avery Brandt, Joseph Brune, Anahi Castanada, Zachary DeMarlie, Ian Empen, Layla Eygabroad, Phoebe Fuller, Trichelle Gay, Alondra Gomez, Carli Gordon, Connor Green, Grace Gustafson, Ashlie Heggen, Laci Hickenbottom, Eh Htoo, Drew Jarding, Tongil Kalomba, Jerzee Kernan, Peh Lay, Alianna Locascio, Hunter Melody, Hunter Melody, Aliana Muller, Montgomery Murdock, Favour Noya, Taylor Pannell, Ywa Paw, Jacob Rohwer, Abbie Roos, Kasen Ross, Kamara Sakho, Delia Schwartz , Olivia Sholl, Chloe Shomo, Storm Stern, Tazia Stoner-Harris, Jayla Upton, Anna Vermeire, Scott Wangler.

Sophomores: Lainey Benson, Logan Braun, Renee Farmer, Kyle Grant, Juan Mendoza-Perez, Tiffany O’Leary, Macy O’Mary, Lily Paw, Noah Rettig, Say Say, Logan Wyers.

Juniors: Siobhan Dunn, Jaime Hill, Margaret Honeycutt, Ashley Johnson, Spencer Mar, Rebekah Mencia, Julia Nash, Olivia Panegos, Larissa Pothoven, Zoe Veasey.

Seniors:Caroline Cady, Corina Castaneda, Dayton Ellis, Aislinn Geedey, Htoo Htoo, Anastasia Jacobs, Emily Jansen, Wang Kalomba, Margaret Lelonek, Joseph Matheis.


Department Scholarships Awards

Rock Island High School Department Awards were given to seniors who excelled in a particular subject area. First place received a $1,500 scholarship and second place received $1,200 scholarship.

Business: Spencer Hasselroth, Byrce Trask

Career and Technical Education: Leslie Perez, Christian Fisher

English: Aislinn Geedey, Anastasia Jacobs

Fine Arts: Htoo Htoo, Hannah Knuth

Math: Dayton Ellis, Corina Castaneda

Science: Paige Porter, Kaylyn Lemmon

Social Studies: Grant Florence, Shannon Kenney

World Languages: Emily Jansen, Caroline Cady

Academic Excellence Awards: Margaret Lelonek, Wang Kalomba


Scholarship Awards:

  • Charles O. Austin Leadership Scholarship, $2,000: Bryce Trask

  • Carole S. Barkan Memorial Scholarship, $500: Ariana Gabriel

  • Boeye Family Scholarship, $1,000: Emily Laughlin

  • Grant W. and Virginia M. Brissman Scholarship, $4,000: Reagan Scheper

  • Class of 1961 Scholarship, $1,000 each: Mikayla DePover, Kayla Garcia, Mercedes Hantz, Kristina Mathews, Ashley Peters, Ian Purvis

  • Class of 1963 “First in the Family” Scholarship, $500: Cylus Crayne

  • Class of 1965 Scholarship, $500: Monica Diaz

  • Stanley H. Coin Business Scholarship, $1,000: Spencer Hasselroth

  • Rochelle Davis Memorial Scholarship, $1,000: Lah Htoo

  • Donald E. Devinney Business and Business Education Scholarship, $4,000: Andrew Polito

  • Ben D. & Nancy K. Brown Farrar Scholarship, $2,000: Kya Burkhardt

  • Doug Franz Memorial Scholarship, $1,500: Joseph Matheis

  • Rick Gilliland Scholarship, $500: Logan Curry

  • Ray & Elva Haberthur Memorial Scholarship, $2,000: Lauryn Stegall

  • Hass Family Scholarship, $1,000: Scott Kerno

  • Amy Helpenstell Liberal Arts Scholarship, $1,000: Amy Haskill

  • Derek James Jackson Art Scholarship, $500: Grant Florence

  • Tyler John Memorial Scholarship, $1,000: Moises Salinas

  • Jumer's Casino and Hotel Scholarships: $3,000 – Anastasia Jacobs, $2,000 – Corina Castaneda, & $1,000 – Cobie Conger

  • Judith A. Katz Scholarship, $4,000: Caroline Cady

  • Donavin J. Keim Scholarship, $500 each: Wrestling – Michael Myers, Football – Bryce Trask

  • R. Decker Magee Memorial Scholarship, $500: Shannon Kenney

  • Marler Clark Science Scholarship, $2,000: Aislinn Geedey

  • Herb Niemann Scholarship, $1,200: Hannah Knuth

  • Charlie White/Richard Klatt Purple Tuna Creativity Award, $500: Cylus Crayne

  • Darrell and Mary Anne Reynolds Scholarship, $1,000 (2): Rylee Bowling and Mikayla Chandler

  • Jayovontae “Jaree” Roberts Scholarship, $500 each: Music – Catelyn Pohl, Education – Carlee Camlin

  • Rock Island-Milan Education Foundation Scholarships, $1,000 each: Four-Year College – Kayla Canning, Two-Year/Junior College – Austin Ford, Vocational – Elijah Andrews

  • Chet Schultz Scholarship, $1,000: Amber Haskill

  • Terry Stephens Memorial Scholarship, $500 each: Baseball – Bryce Trask, Softball – Ashley Peters

  • Elizabeth Kennel Williams Scholarship, $1,000: MarCeisha Jackson

  • Women’s Computer Science, IT, and Math Scholarship, $1,000: Leslie Perez

  • DW Young Memorial Scholarship, $4,000: Paige Porter